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Social Networking for Real Estate Agents
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In an effort to provide its Agents and Offices with the most powerful relationship marketing program, Prudential Georgia has teamed up with - an industry leader in social marketing solutions - to provide a suite of FREE marketing tools to their Agents.
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Corporate Marketing Pieces

You probably have seen these announcements emailed to you from your Corporate Office. Your Corporate Marketing team will use AnnounceMyMove's technology to create "announcements" - or personalized webpages - which are automatically branded with your contact information when you forward the message.

All you need to do is forward these announcements to your contacts.

You can do this by forwarding an email, or by posting on your Facebook account. It's that simple! These are a great way to keep in contact with your sphere of influence, past clients and prospects. It's easy to use and it gets you connected with people who will refer you business.

AnnounceMyListing | learn more | demo video
AnnounceMyListing is a viral marketing tool powered by which auto-generates two Listing Announcements from a single MLS feed - one for YOU and one for your SELLER. This is all done automatically for you!

Simply log into your account and send off your Listing Announcements! It's that easy!

Custom Designed Announcements

You can also create custom, non-transaction related messages such as newsletters, recruitment messages, invitations, special event announcements and more.  Once you see how easy it is to use, you will find yourself using AnnounceMyMove in many creative ways other than the standard transaction-based announcements.

  What is AnnounceMyMove?

AnnounceMyMove is a complete Social Networking and Viral Marketing tool that introduces you to your client’s contacts, helping you reconnect with your past clients and prospects in a personal way.  Using a simple questionnaire, you can create a custom web-based announcement for listings, open houses, client moves, and more.

Client Connections – connect with your client’s social network
How would you like to be introduced to your client's friends and family with each transaction you complete?  Now you can!  Using a simple questionnaire, each announcement you create for your client can be personalized by them!  This personal touch to the marketing messages is what separates AnnounceMyMove from other online marketing programs, such as e-flyers and printed postcards. 

As your client sends their announcements to their social network, you are introduced to a group of people you would normally never get to meet! When a friend gets an email from a friend, they open it.  It’s like getting a personal endorsement from the client without asking for it!  Best of all, email can easily be forwarded from your client to their friends... and from those friends off to many others, making AnnounceMyMove a powerful Viral Marketing tool.   Your clients use their own personal email system.  You DO NOT collect or upload email addresses.  AnnounceMyMove protects your client’s privacy.  The announcements are sent by your client as “peer-to-peer” emails, so there is no violation of CAN-SPAM or Privacy Laws.  Every announcement is a “touch point” which gets your client talking about YOU.


Agent Connections – reconnect with your sphere of influence (SOI)
Use each transaction as a way to reconnect with your SOI.  An agent can create a listing or open house announcement to be sent to their past clients with the easy-to-use Create Announcement Wizard.  AnnounceMyMove works with your current email program or contact management system, so you don’t have to worry about uploading or managing emails lists.  All you have to do is send an email using the program you already use.  It's that simple.

Although AnnounceMyMove is designed to be simple and easy for the novice user, the more “tech savvy” agent can get creative with their announcements!  AnnounceMyMove supports a full text editor, making it easy to embed video and hyperlinks in the announcement.  In addition to your email and website, you can promote connections to your blog page or Facebook account.  Every announcement includes a simple link to add virtual tours or video tours. 

The best thing about AnnounceMyMove is that it conforms to your needs and will grow with you as you start to add more advanced technologies into your marketing strategy. If you want just the basics - like a message and photos - you can keep each announcement simple.  If you want more "bells and whistles", each announcement can be as interactive as you choose.  Agents with little or no computer skills can use our Create Announcement Wizard just as easily as the more tech savvy agent.


Leverage the Power of Social Media
In addition to email distribution, agents and their clients can post their announcements on Facebook!  Other interfaces with Craigslist, MySpace, and Twitter are coming soon.  Imagine using the power of social networks to get YOU introduced to your client’s friends and family!  It is easy to do with AnnounceMyMove. 

Track Results
Unlike most forms of "traditional" marketing, AnnounceMyMove can track results.  We compile reports which track the number of hits to the announcement, visits to your agent or company website, and how many people send you an email from the announcement. 




For more information, please contact our Help Desk at: or call 888-823-0919 x 151

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