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AnnounceMyListing- Agent Support Page

AnnounceMyListing is a viral marketing tool powered by which auto-generates two Listing Announcements from a single MLS feed - one for YOU and one for your SELLER. This is all done automatically for you!

Get connected to your Seller's family and friends while driving traffic to your listing! Leverage the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Reconnect with your past clients and prospects... all with one simple program!


How to gain access to your AnnounceMyListing Account
When you select AnnounceMyListing as a Tour Distribution option, we will receive a data-feed from RealBiz360. This data feed will contain your tour, agent, and property information. When we process your tour, we will send you an email entitled:

VuVista Suite - AnnounceMyListing for 123 Main St (your listing address will appear)

Please review this email. In the body of the email, you will see a link to your AnnounceMyListing Landing Page:

Please follow this link to get started:

Click on the link to get to your AnnounceMyListing Landing Page. You will see all tours published to AnnounceMyListing here.

NOTE: To save time, you can bookmark the landing page URL. Your Landing Page URL will remain the same. You don't need to keep opening the email once your account has been created. However, you will receive a confirmation email each time you send us data.

Update Tour Info Onto the Announcement
To update your tour information - such as price, pictures, or other content - simply make the changes in RealBiz360. You will need to REPUBLISH the tour to all the distribution outlets. Make sure you resend the data to us. Once we get the new data, you will receive an email. We sync our data with RealBiz360 every 15 minutes. You should see the effective changes on the Listing Announcements shortly after. If you don't see the changes within 20 to 30 minutes, please contact

Agent Version
Seller Version


You can send the Agent Version of the announcement to your database of clients, prospects, and peers through your email or contact management system. More tech-savvy agents can embed video and add links to their blog page or single property website.

The seller can personalize their announcement and send it to their social contacts via email. Best of all, the seller can post their announcement onto their Facebook wall, leveraging social media in a new and unique method.

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