FAQ Page

General Info

What is your contact information and hours of operation?

Please use this link for hours and departments: http://www.announcemymove.com/info/contactRoster.html

How do I get started?

Simply find the listing record you want to share and click the icon which looks like a pen .

We will walk you through an easy to follow, step-by-step wizard where you can personalize the announcement with such features as color templates.  Simply read the instruction on each page, or listen to the video.  It's easy to do!  Most of the work is already done for you.

Best of all - you can't lose your information or break anything!  Just click NEXT or BACK as you go through the wizard and we save your work.


Do you offer support or training?

There are many ways to receive assistance.

As you create your announcements, on each page of the Create Announcement Wizard you will see a video.  This video will explain how to complete each step and will provide you with some tips.

We also provide weekly webinar training on AnnounceMyListing: http://www.announcemymove.com/info/seminars.html

You will also notice that we have weekly training on more advanced tips - such as embedding video or driving direction into your announcements.

We also do a training once a month on the basics of Facebook.  If you want more information on how to use social media in your business, or you would like more advanced marketing training, please join us on our Social Media Training Center.


What is AnnounceMyListing?

AnnounceMyListing is a viral marketing tool which gets you connected to your Seller's family and friends while driving traffic to your listing!

You can create "For Sale", "For Lease" and "Open House" announcements and share them via HTML email and on social media sites.   By posting your Listing Announcement online, you can leverage the power of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and reconnect with your past clients and prospects... all with one simple program!

We auto-generate two Listing Announcements from a single MLS feed - one for YOU and one for your SELLER.  This is all done automatically for you!   All you need to do is personalize the announcement and sent it off so it can be shared.

Announcements sync with your MLS data so there is no need to come back to the site if you have a price change or other modification to the MLS record.  Our online announcements and HTML email will be updated automatically.


Is there a cost?

No! AnnounceMyListing is paid for by your MLS and is free to you to use!


What do each of the links do?

Please take a minute to become familiar with the site by reviewing our orientation.

Agent Branding / My Account Info

What is my AnnounceMyListing User ID?

See the purple arrow in the image above.

Your ID can be found just below the Welcome! message you see when you come to the site.  If you contact us, it is very helpful if you provide your Account ID or email address associated with the account.


How do I edit my Contact Information?

See the green arrow in the image above.

You can change your contact information by clicking the "Edit My Info" hyperlink found just below the Welcome! message you see when you come to the site.


Why is my information incorrect or incomplete?

We may have inaccurate or incomplete data coming to us from your MLS.

Some MLS systems only provide us with your name and email address.  Most MLS customers do not support all the fields we support on our "Agent Banner" - such as your headshot or Facebook Business Page URL.  It is always a good idea to review your information on our site.


How do I upload or change my headshot or logo?

See the green arrow in the image above.

You can change your contact information by clicking the "Edit My Info" hyperlink found just below the Welcome! message you see when you come to the site.


Why can't I upload my image?

Sometime the image you are attempting to upload is too large for internet use, or it's in a format we don't support.  Try resizing the image to under 1 MB in file size, and no more than 1000 pixels wide or high.  Also, make sure that the image is in JPG, PNG or GIF format.  BMP or PDF will not be supported.

If you still need assistance, please send an email to help@announcemymove.com and attach the image you want us to load onto your account.  Make sure to include your User ID or email address associated with this account.

MLS Information is Incorrect or Missing / Sync Questions

How often do you sync with my MLS?

In most cases, sync with an MLS every three hours.  If you want to know for sure how often we sync with your MLS, please email us.


What data is synced?

We will sync the price, photos, status, and public remarks.


My announcement is missing.  I added a listing to my MLS, but I don't see it in my list of Announcements.

Unless there was some break in the datafeed from your MLS – which is rare – we should have your listing in one of the following three place:

1) When you first log in, you see the list of "incomplete" or unsent announcements waiting for you.  We can only display 4 at a time, so make sure you use the scroll bar if you have more than 4 listings.  Your listing may be there.

2) If you already created the announcement, check the “View My Completed Announcements” link located below the hit counter (You willl see the hit counter line which reads: "You have had xx number of hits on your announcements.")  If you completed the wizard and shared the announcement, it will be in this section.

3) Sometimes agents accidentally delete an announcement and do not realize that it is hidden from their queue.  It is possible that we have the listing in question, but it is in "deleted" status which you cannot see. We just have to change the status to "active".

If you think you deleted the announcement, or if it's not in your queue for some other reason, please email us the name of the MLS you belong to, along with the missing ML # and we will review.


Other reasons the Announcement is not visible:

  • You are not the listing agent.

  • You are a "Co-Listing" agent.  If you are a "Co-Listing agent, you will not see the announcement.  However, we can move it into your queue if you contact our office.

  • When the MLS record was created, you were not the Listing Agent, but you are now.  Please contact of office and we can assign the listing announcement to you.

  • The listing is "off market".  We only show listings which are "active".
Didn't find what you needed? Please contact us.