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AnnounceMyListing | AnnounceMyNews | Beyond the Basics

Basic Orientation & Creating a Listing Announcement

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(running time: 35 mins)

Join us for a basic orientation to your AnnounceMyListing marketing tool!  Although online tutorials are available for you to access on your member dashboard, you may prefer the "personal touch" and to have someone walk you through it step-by-step.  

We will orient you on the basics of our system and how to get the best results from the Client and Agent version of the Listing Announcement.  We will also show you some creative ways to add video, hyperlinks, and even embed your Facebook badge onto the page.  

We will discuss the power of social media and show you how an announcement is posted onto a Facebook wall.  Lastly, we will give you some marketing tips and show you several creative ways to use AnnounceMyNews during and in between transactions to help you grow your referral business.

The newest social marketing solution for Realtors!
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(running time: 38 mins)

AnnounceMyNews is a social marketing solution for small businesses that is a NEW version of a product that has been around for several years!  

You may have heard of AnnounceMyMove... personalized online moving announcements.    Well, we have grown into a much more robust marketing tool for more than just moving announcements!

With AnnounceMyNews you will increase engagement with your social network and stay top of mind when your contacts or people they know are looking to buy or sell real estate. 

AnnounceMyNews can be used via email as well as posted on all your social media sites!  It's EASY TO LEARN, INEXPENSIVE, and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE!

The technology is similar to what we use for the AnnounceMyListing product!  But, there are more ways to use AnnounceMyNews:

1. Use hyper-local announcements that may be created for you by your MLS or local REALTOR Association.  

2.  Use the Click & Go Library for content that has been created for you on topics like holiday greetings, gardening tips, recipes/entertaining tips, parenting tips, and more!

3.  Custom create your own announcements - it's only limited to your own imagination!  (Here's a hint.. .Just Sold, In Escrow or Moving Announcements for your Buyers & Sellers)

Don't get left behind when it comes to Social Marketing! We make it too easy not to.  

Beyond The Basics
AnnounceMyListing & AnnounceMyNews Users
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(running time: 20 mins)

Are you ready to see the full power of AnnounceMyListing and AnnounceMyNews? Whether you consider yourself a techy or just an agent that would like to learn more ways to use our marketing tool, this webinar is for you!

We will show you how to use our text editor to embed video onto the announcement, add hyperlinks to your blog or consumer article/newsletter, show your property or event map, embed your property flyer onto the page and more. We will also show you some very creative "out of the box" ways to use AnnounceMyNews to grow your business through social media.



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